#include <vector>                                  // include vector  in code

vector<int> arr;                                   // create an empty vector
vector<int> arr(10);                               // create a vector of size 10
vector<int> arr{1,2,3};                            // create vector with values 1,2,3
vector<int> arr(10, 5);                            // create an arr of size 10, all elements initialised to 5    

int n = arr.size();                                // get number of elements in arr 

// check if vector is empty  
if (arr.empty()){
    cout << "arr is empty";
arr.push_back(3);                                  // add element at end of vector   
arr.insert(arr.begin(), 7);                        // add an element at beginning of vector

arr.insert(arr.end(), brr.begin(), brr.end());     // add another vector at end of a vector  

arr.clear();                                        // clear all enteries                 

// sort vector elements
sort(arr.begin(), arr.end());

// sort vector elements in descending order using a comparator function
sort(arr.begin(), arr.end(), [](int lhs, int rhs){
    return (lhs > rhs);     // read it like: lhs should come before rhs if (lhs > rhs) 

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